Active Tools was founded in 2002 with the sole aim of producing the best rowing products possible and this approach has resulted in numerous innovative, patented, designs.

All our products are developed and prototyped in house and this approach enables innovative designs to be produced very quickly. We then test the prototypes and first production samples extensively and gather input from Coaches, Rowers and Coxes so that the designs are as optimised as possible. For instance, our Rate Meters were the first to use accelerometers to eliminate the need for seat magnets and our CoxOrbs do much more than any other rowing amplifiers have ever been able to.

Our factory is based near Henley in England and we manufacture all our products in house. We supply direct in the UK and through agents in a number of countries. Where we don't have agents we ship orders direct from the UK.

New products are always under development and we welcome comments on existing products and suggestions for new ones.