Built in Coach Link

When the supplied
antennas are fitted data being monitored by a rower’s ActiveSpeed can be displayed on a coach’s unit. It is also possible to link to an additional five ActiveSpeeds, which the coach can then view the data from by pressing a single button.

The transmission range is at least 200 metres, but is generally significantly more.

In the future it will be possible to link multiple ActiveSpeeds to a tablet, using an Active Tools router/data storage unit, so that data from more than one unit can be viewed simultaneously. This will include
output from our RapidFit Coaching and Data Oarlocks.

Programmable Workouts

Both simple and complex workouts can be set up and stored on your ActiveSpeed, and the key features are:

• You can programme both work and rest periods in strokes, distance, or time
and you have the option of carrying on recording heart rate during rest periods.

• Workouts can have delayed timing starts both on initial start-up and at the end of rest periods.

• You can set ‘undefined length’ rest periods in workouts to accommodate factors such as river traffic, having to turn, etc.

• Standing start pieces begin when the ActiveSpeed senses the first boat movement. The display then flashes when it sees you ‘wind down’ at the
end of a piece, or the end of a race, and if you press the main button within 20 seconds the timer jumps back to the time it saw you wind down.

• You can set up to twenty five custom workouts and six of these can be stored in a smaller Favourite’s menu for easy access.

• You can also specify a target range within workouts for either heart rate, speed or stroke rate and the unit will highlight when you are
outside the set range

Custom Backlit Display

To maximise its size we tooled our own display on which you can view two, four or six data fields and quickly configure, and save, screens to suit different activities. You can create up to six screen layouts under each of the headings ‘Training’, ‘Racing’ and Power’.

Each field can be set to show any parameter, or be left blank, and they can all be reversed to highlight key metrics

Easy Data Transfer via App

Our DataFlow app is available for both iOS and Android and allows easy data transfer to Ludum, Rowsandall, Training Peaks, Strava, Golden Cheetah, etc. This
includes both performance data and the tracks of the courses you steered.

You can then review and analyse both your on-water workouts and any land-based ones you have transferred to these sites.

The app also lets you update the firmware on your ActiveSpeed and in the future it will let you see, and analyse, data and force curves from our RapidFit Coaching and Data oarlocks

Optional Accessories

All the accessories that work with the ActiveSpeed are wireless.

• Heart Rate Strap, the ActiveSpeed works with most standard Bluetooth heart rate straps.

•Impeller, our Impeller design was optimised using Computational Fluid Dynamics and its drag matches the alternatives that are available while being more robust. However, all Impellers create significant drag so we recommend that they are only used for training and are removed for racing.

• Heel Switch, this is an optional accessory that connects between the heel restraint tie points on your shoes and allows rolling start pieces to be timed by simply moving your heels apart. (Patent Nos. US7452252B2 and GB2427591B)

• RapidFit Coaching and Data Oarlocks, when they become available it will be possible to pair these to the ActiveSpeed. They can be moved between boats in under a minute and heights can be quickly adjusted using standard clips. Pitches can also be set in the usual way. (Patent Pending)

Other New Prodcuts