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3 Speaker Dragon Boat Wiring Loom Set excl. Speakers

3 Speaker Dragon Boat Wiring Loom Set excl. Speakers

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Complete 3 Speaker Wiring Loom Set for a Dragon Boat.

This loom is designed so that it can be quickly and easily fitted and removed from the boat. It comes supplied on a cable reel so it can easily be carried. The Speakers attach via Velcro straps that wrap around the seat pillars and the Mounting Cup uses a Ram suction clamp.

The loom is double ended allowing you to plug an amplifier in at either end, and is supplied with a plug to protect the end that is not in use.

The kit includes the following

  • 3 Speaker Wiring Loom
  • Cable Reel Holder
  • Mounting Cup with Ram suction clamp (for holding a CoxOrb amplifier)
  • Connector Plug

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