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Active Tools Rowing Simulator

Active Tools Rowing Simulator

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Active Tools Rowing Simulator

• Replicate on water rowing, on land.
• Can be converted back to a standard Erg in under 30 seconds.
• One unit adds just 50cm length to a line of Ergs.
• Robust and low maintenance design.
• Simulators are available in both Bowside/Starboard and Strokeside/Port versions.
• The Simulator is a base unit, the ergometer is not included.

We started to develop the Rowing Simulator after a number of conversations with coaches who did not have easy access to Rowing Tanks, and who wanted to be able to coach both beginner and experienced athletes in a more effective way than they could out on the water. The Rowing Simulator functions like a Tank, providing a stable platform and allowing coaches to get close to the athlete and make corrections. This makes it great for coaching novices as well as refining the skills of experienced rowers. Immediate visual feedback can also be provided using video, monitors, or mirrors, so technical changes can be made much more quickly. As well as being a coaching aid the Simulator can also be used for steady state and interval training, as well as performance testing.

The Rowing Simulator takes up very little extra space compared to a normal Erg; adding two increases the length of a line of Ergs by just one meter.

The Simulator is a base unit designed to accommodate a standard Concept 2 Model C or D Erg.

The Erg does not need any modification, you just clamp on three temporary pieces.

Catch and finish angles can be set as a coaching aid and can be used to help determine optimal feet positioning for each rower. These measurements can then be used to set correct feet positions in the boat.

The Erg monitor gives both power readings and force curves to aid coaching and these can also help identify on which side individuals row most effectively.

Weight – 82Kg
Length – 2592cm
Width – 1340cm
Height – 850cm

The Simulator can be tried out at our Twyford factory near Henley. Please email us at to arrange a time that suits you.

Initially sales will be ‘UK only’ and we will be building a first batch for delivery in September. These need to be ordered by 14th of July, and a £500 deposit paid on each one, in order to reserve them.


Continuous Improvement

We are always looking to make improvements so welcome any further suggestions!

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