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8+: 3 Speaker Wiring Loom Set

8+: 3 Speaker Wiring Loom Set

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8+: 3 Speaker Loom

Orange_Dot.jpg 1 x Jumper Lead

Green_dot.jpg 1 x Connection Harness

Purple_Dot.jpg 1 x Stroke Rate Sensor + Magnet

Blue_Dot.jpg 2 x Modular Harness

Pink_Dot.jpg 1 x Impeller + Impeller Sensor (Platinum Only)

3 x Speakers

Storage Boss

Mounting Cup 

Standard vs Platinum

The difference between Standard and Platinum looms is the inclusion of an Impeller.

Platinum looms can only be utilized with a CoxOrb Platinum.

Impeller Location

The location of the Impeller affects the readings it gives due
to the changing turbulence along the boat. If the boat is primarily used on straight courses we recommend that it is mounted near the cox, for convenience, and that it is then calibrated. If the boat is not just used on straight courses an Impeller Extension Lead should be used to position the Impeller approximately 5 metres from the bow.

Instruction Videos

Continuous Improvement

We are always looking to make improvements so welcome any further suggestions!

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