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CoxOrb Tungsten

CoxOrb Tungsten

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Key Features

  • Automatic voice recording on timed pieces
  • Optional Check Factor display derived from averaging the boat decelerations during each stroke
  • Data recall allows you to review timed pieces on the display and play back audio through the boat speakers
  • Download your data & audio via the USB interface onto a PC. We use a cable for this mainly because a full set of voice recording files would take over 10 hours to transfer using Bluetooth. A cable also works better in a club situation where the unit might be shared by a number of Coxes. Coaches also generally want to send specific files to different people and transferring them direct to a PC makes this easier.

All Features

• Light sensor controlled backlit display

• With both boat surge and seat magnet stroke rate sensing you are never without rate even if you have a damaged seat sensor or missing magnet

• Unit stores 20 timed pieces, automatically deleting the oldest when a new piece is added

• Real Time ClockTimer triggered by first boat movement so the display stays on zero for standing starts even if the seat magnet sensor is accidentally

• Volume level saved when unit is turned off

• Uncompromising sound quality

• Compact and lightweight design

• Multi directional mounting so that you can angle the display towards you in any boat

• Both protective bumpers available in a choice of 12 colours

• Ultra long life 17Wh / 1600 mAh removable battery pack

• Powerful 1000mA charger reduces charging times

• Two year warranty

Check Factor Explained

While some variation in boat speed during the stroke is unavoidable it has been shown that minimising this check results in faster race times. So that you can monitor this, the CoxOrb unit displays a Check Factor which is averaged over two strokes and is calculated from the average boat deceleration during each stroke. This is then adjusted for rate as Check inevitably goes up as the rate increases.

Check values do vary with crew weight and boat type, but as a general guide we see figures of around 35 to 40 for the best crews at race pace increasing to 60 or 70 for less experienced rowers.

Rather than monitoring Check continuously we suggest tracking it over time and using it to assess improvements made due to changes in technique - you will find that reducing Check in a given crew leads to substantially improved boat speeds.

Instruction Videos

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously working to improve our products so as well
as developing an advanced coxless boat instrument for 2019 we have made changes to our CoxOrb range.

The battery contacts have been re-designed, the battery clip has been strengthened, the switch pushers and rear bumpers are more firmly retained and the headset is now assembled using ultrasonic welding.

We are always looking to make improvements so welcome any further suggestions!

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