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Created with sound quality, long life and comfort in mind: the CoxOrb Microphone is built to last!

Key Features

    • Headband: Easily removable and both blue and pink versions are supplied
    • Microphone Boom: Bendable microphone boom for comfort and clear sound pickup. Once set it will hold its shape in the event of any accidental knocks
    • Heavy Duty Cable: Heavy duty, high quality cable to ensure long life and optimum sound quality. The cable is designed to survive at least 130,000 90° flexes before failure
    • Connector: To guarantee a long life the connector uses a high quality gold plated contacts encapsulated in a custom outer housing. The connector also incorporates a stainless steel spring to provide strain relief and maximise the life of your microphone cable

    Continuous Improvement

    We are always looking to make improvements so welcome any further suggestions!

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